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Using archives is "wicked!"

I'm sure that everyone who has dealt with handwriting from the Tudor and Stuart periods will be able to identify with these comments from school pupils who visited the Staffordshire Record Office to use contemporary records for their work in History or Citizenship.

"It was quite fun that we had to translate the writing but sometimes got frustrating"

"I was quite amazed because they don't look 400 years old"


"I thought it was cool because other places don't let you see the real thing!"

"It was weird how they used to write so different to us"

"I thought that it would be boring but I really enjoyed it"

"It has brought the history to life"

"I think it was a great privilege to look at the original documents"

"It was a super day and I learnt a lot from the trip. The work was difficult but it got easier as you got used to it."

"I'd love to do it again!"

If you are interested in using any of these courses with your pupils, please contact Matthew Blake, Archivist (Access and Learning) at Staffordshire Record Office for further information.

E-mail: Matthew Blake

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